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The Carlsen Porsche Team

Our Porsche Team

Let us introduce you to our staff, show you some of our special vehicle offers and take you through our complete line of new, Certified pre-owned and used inventory. We can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

We know your time is valuable. We are sure you will find our site a fast and convenient way to research and find a vehicle that's right for you. If we can be of any assistance while visiting us online, send us an email and we will promptly reply.We look forward to serving you!


Charles A. Burton

Charles A. Burton | Dealer Principal

Phone: 650.701.9200 Ext. 123 • Email:

Todd Parkinson

Todd Parkinson | General Manager

I am proud to say that I have been a Carlsen team member for over 25 years.  Prior to coming to Carlsen Porsche, I was the general manager of Carlsen Subaru in Redwood City for 11 years.  It is extremely rewarding working in this family-owned, customer focused environment that sets Carlsen apart from other dealerships.   We retain a staff of employees who are passionate about the Porsche brand, and who are committed to helping you realize the full potential of your Porsche vehicle.  Thank you for the virtual visit. Hope to see you at the dealership soon.

Phone: 650.701.9200

Pete Laban

Pete Laban | General Sales Manager

Pete Laban joined the Carlsen Porsche team in 2016, however he has been involved with Porsche since 1992.  He is a true automobile enthusiast, and is deeply passionate about the Porsche brand. Pete's family grew up on Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines. As a child of a U.S. Air Force Master Sergeant,  it explains the tight rein he likes to keep on the sales team. When Pete is able to fit in some down time,  he enjoys spending time with his family, golfing, fishing or traveling. One of his favorite places to travel is the outer French Polynesian Islands. He also enjoys watching and going to baseball and football games. His favorite teams are the Los Angeles Angels and the San Diego Chargers.  

Phone: 650.701.9200 • Email:

Gary  Quibelan

Gary Quibelan | Sales Manager for Pre-owned

Phone: 650.701.9200 Ext. 114 • Email:

Alex Hendardy

Alex Hendardy | Finance Manager

Phone: 650.701.9200 • Email:

Lawrence Strong

Lawrence Strong | Service Manager


I have a deep respect and admiration for Porsche's racing heritage.  I am an avid Indy Car and Formula One racing fan and I have attended the 100th running of the Indy 500 along with numerous Long Beach Grand Prix races.

I possess a passion for German Engineering, and a love of performance automobiles.   I have chosen to work for Carlsen Porsche and the Porsche brand because both are recognized as Premier Corporations.

When I am not overseeing Carlsen's service operation, I enjoy spending time with my family and cheering on my daughter's sports teams.

Phone: 650.701.9200 • Email:

Rob  Burton

Rob Burton | Parts Manager

Phone: 650.701.9200 Ext. 116 • Email:

Doug  Rubi

Doug Rubi | Sales Consultant

Doug has been with Carlsen Porsche since 1999. With his extensive experience in all things Porsche, feel free to contact him to complete your Porsche dreams. When he is not in the office, you can catch him at the local lakes boating with his family and friends.

Phone: 650.701.9200 Ext. 111 • Email:

Gary Ho

Gary Ho | Sales Consultant

Gary Ho was born in Hong Kong.  He came to the United States in 1989—in what started out as a summer vacation.  After attending college and working in the food service business, Gary began his career with Porsche in 1999.  Gary Ho joined the Carlsen Porsche team in 2004.  Over the years, he has attended Porsche training and vehicle launch events in Spain, Morocco, Mexico, Texas and California.  Gary Ho is fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin.  In addition to performance cars, Gary enjoys cooking, traveling, and birds—especially parrots.   

Phone: 650.701.9200 • Email:

Tony Abiog

Tony Abiog | Sales Consultant

Tony joined Carlsen Porsche in 2008.  Prior to following his passion for sports cars and racing, Tony was in the high tech industry.  When not at work, he enjoys skiing, tennis, traveling, watching just about any sporting event and hanging out with his two sons.  He received his Bachelor degree from UC Berkeley and his MBA from Santa Clara University.

Phone: 650.701.9200 • Email:

Ray Kong

Ray Kong | Sales Consultant

One of my earliest childhood car-related memories is the first time I sat in a Porsche 911 (930 Air cooled) in Hong Kong. I can still vividly remember how it felt to open the door and sit in the front seat.  I have been lucky to have owned several Porsches during my life.  My current daily driver is a 40th anniversary 911 coupe that I bought from Carlsen.  I am also one of the co-owners and drivers of our Carlsen sponsored amateur autocross team that competes in local Porsche Club of America Golden Gate Regional events.  I joined Carlsen Porsche in 2015. I have attended many great Porsche training and new vehicle launch events, and I pride myself on my product knowledge.  I speak English, Cantonese 廣東話, Mandarin 普通話, and some Japanese.   Please let me help you find or build the Porsche of your dreams, and realize many, many smiles per mile.

Phone: 650.701.9200 • Email:

Sam Pham

Sam Pham | Sales Consultant

Thank you for your interest in my bio page.   My name is Sam Pham and I grew up locally here in the Bay Area.  My interest in automobiles began at a young age.  After college, I owned and operated an auto performance shop in Mountain View for nine years specializing in aftermarket wheels, tires, suspension, mild engine upgrades and performance tuning for all makes of cars and trucks.  I joined Carlsen Porsche in 2013 and have truly enjoyed mastering the product and helping my customers configure truly world-class automobiles.  I am a multiple Porsche owner, and I look forward to helping you choose or build a Porsche that will exceed your expectations.

Phone: 650.701.9200 • Email:

Jason Cruger

Jason Cruger | Sales Consultant

Jason was born and raised in San Francisco, Ca.  He’s been a performance car enthusiast from a young age.  Jason was involved in motorsports during high school and college-- building performance engines and drag racing import cars.  He has been a mechanic for over 10 years and also worked as a mobile electronics technician for 8 years prior to his Porsche career.   In his spare time, he likes to wrench on cars, ride motorcycles and go bowling.  He also enjoys traveling, snowboarding, and billiards.  With his passion for performance automobiles, Jason will be able to help you find the right for Porsche for your needs!

Phone: 650.701.9200 • Email:

Walter Andrews

Walter Andrews | Sales Consultant

Phone: 650.701.9200 • Email:

Beto  Bravo

Beto Bravo | Service Consultant

since 2000

Phone: 650.701.9200 • Email:

Greg Kendall

Greg Kendall | Service Consultant

Phone: 650.701.9200 • Email:

Bryan Cedillo

Bryan Cedillo | Service Coordinator

Phone: 650.701.9200 • Email:

Michael  Evanchik

Michael Evanchik | Wholesale Parts Specialist

With Carlsen Since 1991. An expert in hard to find Porsche Parts

Phone: 650.701.9200 • Email:

Jose  Barrenechea

Jose Barrenechea | Ceritifed Parts Specialist

With Carlsen Since 1994

Phone: 650.701.9200 • Email:

Karl Guevarra

Karl Guevarra | Diagnostic Specialist (Gold)

Phone: 650.701.9200

Doug Nike

Doug Nike | Shop Manager/Diagnostic Specialist

Gold Level Master Tech. With Carlsen since 1995.

Phone: 650.701.9200 • Email:

Gerald  Gervacio

Gerald Gervacio | Systems Technician (Silver)

With Carlsen since 2007

Phone: 650.701.9200

Eddie  Hernandez

Eddie Hernandez | Systems Technician (Silver)

With Carlsen since 2010

Phone: 650.701.9200

Mike  Xuereb

Mike Xuereb | ServiceTechnician (Bronze)

With Carlsen since 2005

Phone: 650.701.9200

Donald Connell | Service Technician

Phone: 650.701.9200

Patrick  Carroll

Patrick Carroll | Service Technician/Classics Specialist

With Carlsen since 1989

Phone: 650.701.9200

Andrew  Andreotti

Andrew Andreotti | Service Technician (Bronze)

Phone: 650.701.9200

Moises  Aguilar

Moises Aguilar | Service Technician

Phone: 650.701.9200

Raffi Dakessian

Raffi Dakessian | Service Technician Bronze

Phone: 650.701.9200

Ivan Ferreira

Ivan Ferreira | Service Technician

Phone: 650.701.9200

Chelsea  Eichner

Chelsea Eichner | Office Administrator

With Carlsen since 2010

Phone: 650.701.9200 • Email:

Michele  Hall

Michele Hall | Payable, Receivable

Fax:   650 701 1448

Phone: 650.701.9200 • Email: