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Macan Turbo Performance


A new Macan model is arriving in early 2017.  Given it’s performance characteristics, you may wonder if this luxury SUV accidently made a wrong turn off the track and onto our Redwood City lot. This new Macan is a track-inspired SUV draped in a luxury, sporty coat.

As with current Macan builds, you expect performance dynamics infused in a luxury, sport-utility interior. You expect a Porsche to have an impressive, graceful ability on the road or track.  However,  the Macan Turbo with Performance Package gives Porsche performance an even more dynamic meaning. On the Macan Turbo with Performance Package, you’ll get the comfort and luxury you recognize with any Porsche, but with an engine and performance boost that may encourage some drivers to let loose on a local track like Sonoma Raceway.


The Macan Turbo is designed with top gear performance in mind. The Performance Package boosts the overall performance of the Macan making it even more capable and agile. The added capability adds to your driving experience whether you’re on the track, or driving up and down the San Francisco Peninsula.

What does added performance feel like?

Imagine the rush of an additional 40 horsepower coming from your car's  engine. You’ll quickly feel the added power from your toes to the paddle shifter triggers at your fingertips. Not only will you notice added horsepower, but the added engine torque will become obvious every time you accelerate.


The subtle details of the Macan Turbo with Performance Package make it stand out among its rivals. Whichever Porsche Macan you’re interested in, the Carlsen vehicle experts are prepared to answer any question you have and help you configure the car of your dreams.  Visit or contact us in Redwood City today to learn more about this new Macan.