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Porsche Macan Information

The new 2017 Macan S has arrived and once again it’s showing that Porsche’s 2017 lineup isn’t a force to reckoned with and neither is the Macan S for that matter. The Porsche Macan S is a performance compact SUV infused with a racing soul that’s always looking ahead to the next turn or the next trip to the Bay Area. It will grant its drivers 340 HP at 5500-6500 RPM with a 0-60 in 5.2 seconds. You can shave off the .2 seconds if your Macan is equipped with the Sport Chrono system.

Drivers may notice the racing soul of the Macan S when they toggle through its 7 speed active PDK transmission, which will because of Porsche engineering design, change between the 7 gears in milliseconds. What makes this seamless gear shifting possible is in part by how the PDK pre-selects the next gear when you’re shifting so you can quickly get the most power when you need. The PDK makes for a smooth accelerating experience while boosting efficiency simultaneously which makes this a great option for our San Francisco Bay drivers. If your driving calls for a more aggressive gear train, additional gearshift strategies are made available by Carlsen Porsche.

Porsche offers additional driving assistant technologies for when you’re less focused on getting the gold and more present in your driving experience. Some of these systems, including Adaptive cruise control, Porsche active safe (PAS) help to regulate your speed based on the driving climate. Lane change assist and Lane keep assist will help keep your Porsche centered so all your driving will be more deliberate. You may find value in these features for commuting up or down the peninsula.

The Macan S offers a standard safety suite that aims to protect you to drive another day. The Macan is treated with full-size airbags for driver and front seat passengers. These are also supplemented by the Porsche Side Impact Protection System (POSIP) as well as the super high strength steel that surrounds the entire cockpit of the Macan. 

The new Porsche Communication Management system is what connects you and your technology to the Macan’s driving computer. This in dash and fully immersive system offers you and your passengers a modern link to 2017 with its 7 inch multi touch display. You’ll be able to connect your wireless device a number of ways so that your driving soundtrack never hits a dull beat. Operating the PCM is intuitive and can even be used directly from the Macan steering wheel. For even more control and access to your Macan’s communication system, use the Porsche Connect App which will give you remote access to elements of your compact SUV and will help locate your vehicle in anti-theft situations even if your Macan has left California.


The Macan S is engineered with a sustainable legacy in mind. It is comprised of long life and hard wearing materials so that it can go the full distance making this compact SUV a competitive offer to any Northern California competitors. Afterall, two-thirds of all Porsche vehicles ever built are still being driven today. If you’re interested in becoming a Macan owner, or if you have questions about more features available like air suspension (standard on the Macan GTS) or PTV plus (for significantly improved handling) continue to Contact Us.